Friends Again on the Roddy Hart Show. 

An early demo recorded at Glasgow's Hellfire Club


Formed in 1980 by School friends Chris Thompson, Paul McGeechan and Neil Cunningham,  with Andre McGurck on guitar and

Colin McGowan playing drums.


At the time the band were influenced by Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Joy Division and they were also keen on fellow Scots Aztec Camera.

The band recorded two demo sessions before the line up changed with Stuart Kerr and James Grant joining the band. Soon after that the new line up recorded two songs at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh. Billy Sloan played the tracks on Radio Clyde resulting in the band signing a publishing deal with EMI and a record deal with Phonogram. The band’s first single Honey At The Core was released in 1983. Friends Again released Trapped & Unwrapped in the summer of 84 and disbanded in November of that year. Paul, James and Stuart went on to form Love & Money. Chris Thompson went on to start his group The Bathers. FA were famous for their singles "State of Art", "Sunkissed" and "Honey at the Core". They released a self-titled EP in 1984, which peaked at No. 59 on the UK Singles Chart. They recorded their album, Trapped & Unwrapped (1984).