Recording The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra 

                           February 2014


  "Solitude" Vocal Session

Marie Claire Lee April 2014


Prague February 2014

 "The Surge of the Sea" Harp Session

       Mary Ann Kennedy Sept 2014

"Dúthaich MhicAoidh" Vocal session

            Julie Fowlis Sept 2014

Recording Vocals "Whispered Reason No.2

              Maie Claire Lee  Dec 2014



Ross McFarlane Drum  Session Dec 2014


Recording In The PraguePhilharmonic Orchestra Feb 2014


Recording a sequnce for "Solitude" May 2015


Josh recording guitar for Apoclypse

                     June  2015

Mastering With Scot Hull @ MasterDisk NY.

                           July 1st 2015

 Paul & Mark Sinclair Prague February 2014